• What is Koshari?

Every country has at least one iconic dish that it’s known for, and in Egypt that dish is Koshari.
An unusual combination, Koshari mixes lentils, pasta, and rice into a single dish topped with chickpeas, crispy onion rings and a spicy tomato salsa. Egyptians from all walks of life can usually be found gathered at Koshari carts on every corner of Egypt’s bustling streets digging into the hearty meal. And now you can too! Koshari Korner brings you the heart and soul of Egypt to the streets of Sydney.

  • The story of Koshari

It is believed that Koshari first originated in India and dates back to the time of British Colonisation. The name “Koshari” originates with the Hindu dish “khichri”, which refers to a traditional lentils and rice dish. When the British arrived in Egypt in the late 1800′s, they are said to have brought this dish with them. The local inhabitants took a liking to this new inexpensive and filling dish and it became immensely popular.
The dish evolved over time, with Egypt’s metropolitan Mediterranean community adding their own flavours and touches to it until it became the wholesome and hearty vegetarian national Egyptian dish that it is today.

Walid El-Sabbagh recently moved to Australia with his grandmother’s recipes in hand, and the love of koshari in his heart. Fusing the two together to engineer the perfect dish for Sydney’s taste buds, he is finally ready to share the gift of Koshari with you.